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Coleman Family Farms

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In loving memory of Florencio Villena Calip: / memorial services program

(date of birth: Nov. 24, 1943 / date of death: October 30, 1998)

in loving memory of our family relative:

Lee C. "Pat" Adams, Jr. is the deceased husband to our family relative, Gloria Ysmael-Adams (living), grand-niece to Deogracia "Nenette" Ysmael-Calip (living)

(date of birth: August 13, 1920 / date of death: April 25, 2004)

in loving memory of our late grandmother:

Juana Villena Calip

(date of birth: May 13, 1911 / date of death: Sept. 23, 2010)

in memory of our late auntie Gloria:

Gloria Isabel Calip

Church of Our Fathers - Forest Lawn, Cypress, CA

(date of birth: Feb. 25, 1927 / date of death: April 21, 2015)

William Robert Wood Coleman

(date of birth: July 15, 1941 / date of death: December 29, 2016)

Funeral and Rosary Services at Welch & Ryce, Santa Barbara, CA - Funeral and Mass Services at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Carpinteria, CA

Rosita "Naty" J. Javier

(date of birth: October 2, 1933 / date of death: August 30, 2020)

St. Alphonsus Catholic Cemetery, Fairfield, CA