Basilio and Sheila Coleman's visual journal: events, places, and cities & travels, part 2 (cont'd):

written and edited by Sheila Marie Calip-Coleman



Following Alani's ceremony, Basilio and I continued our travel to the small Danish town of Solvang to attend their annual holiday Julefest festivities. We stayed over night at the Svendsgaards Danish Lodge. The following day, Basilio and I attended Solvang's holiday parade. It was a nice delight to have been able to join the Solving community in their holiday festivities. (Link to photo highlights)

Today was Basilio Mariano Coleman's son, Alani Raymond Coleman's big day----his graduation ceremony from fire fighting training at Vandenberg Air Force Base. On Friday, December 2, 2016, Basilio and I travelled to Lompoc to attend his son Alani's commencement ceremony at Vandenberg Air Force Base. My husband and I, and mostly Alanis's dad, Basilio, are most especiallly proud of Alani's accomplishment in this new opening chapter of his career. Congratulations, Alani! Preceding Alani's ceremony, we had the pleasure of joining Alani and his fellow colleagues for an early lunch at the Vandenberg AFB Fire Department. (Link to photo highlights)

Island Brewery of Carpinteria hosted their thrid annual Volksmarch, and this year, Basilio and I together participated in the walk in support of the Carpinteria community building a recreational skating rink.

Basilio and I treated ourselves for a few days, October 8 and 9, and a few hours in joining Carpinteria community in their annual Avofest celebration.

Our first time attendance ever for my husband, Basilio Mariano Coleman and myself, Sheila Marie Calip-Coleman, the 2016 Summer Round-Up at the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California, sponsored by radio station KJEE.

On Saturday morning, January 16, 2016, my husband Basilio and I had stopped by Rincon Beach Park, sightseeing a few of the surfers who were warming up for the Rincon Classic Competition --- I could only admire the impressive talent and perserverance in man and women's conquest of mother nature's unpredictable waves and current, not quite North Shore but close enough with the cold temps on an early morning day.



On Saturday, December 12, 2015, my husband Basilio attended the City of Carpinteria's annual Christmas Parade in dowtown Carpinteria, CA. (Coastal View News, Vol. 22, No. 12) The City Council of Carpinteria also held a special ceremony for a special time capsule which was produced and manufactured by Rincon Engineering Corporation. See also Coastal View News' facebook page.

Although my husband Basilio and I will be unable to attend, visitation and memorial services for the recent passing of Charles Thad Rushing has been scheduled for Thursday, November 12, 2015 at Bryan Braker Funeral Home in Fairfield, CA from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. A funeral mass has been scheduled at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Fairfield, CA, on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 11 a.m. and the graveside service will follow thereafter in the Suisun-Fairfield Cemetery in Fairfield, CA.

Life is full of small blessings. On a new moon Saturday, 8/29/2015, my husband Basilio Mariano Coleman and I had joined in the gathering of family and friends of the McCloskey family, attending their annual neighborhood summer party being hosted by Marnie McCloskey in Carpinteria. Live band, good music, dancing, and beautiful art only highlighted the party's ambience. We savored on the potluck variety of mostly all vegeterian entrees and outdoor fresh roasted turkey.

Me, my husband Basilio Mariano Coleman, and his father, William Robert Coleman, had attended the 6:30 p.m. memorial services of the late Richard Partida at the Carpinteria State Beach on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Before walking to the beach, we stopped by Island Brewery Company, one of Richard's favorite's places and treated ourselves to a few glasses of beer. Cheers to Richard and may his spirit rest in peace.

Me and my husband Basilio Mariano Coleman started off our Sunday morning, July 26, 2015, dining for breakfast at Delgado's Mexican Restaurant in Carpinteria; thereafter, we ventured off to the Santa Barbara Mueseum of Natural History in Santa Barbara to view their highligted exhibit, the Megalodon: the Largest Shark that Ever Lived. Our next stop for the remainder of our Sunday afternoon, was to attend the live memorial reception of our family friend, Richard Partida, a long-time friend of Basilio's father, William Robert Coleman. Richard had been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, and Richard's presence during today's celebration had symbolized a milestone in the gathering of long-time family and friends of Richard Partido during his remaining time with us in the coming months.

Circus Vargas, 6-12-2015, at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, CA: It was a delight: we had the opportunity of attending the performance of this year's 2015 Circus Vargas. So much talent and eloquence. Basilio and I wish the best for the cast and performers that make the team of Circus Vargas.


In celebration of our 8-year wedding anniversary on Sunday, 4/26/2015, Basilio and I, started off with Sunday brunch at the Shoals Island Grill at Cliff House Inn On the Ocean. Afterwards, we travelled northbound to visit downtown, Lompoc, album 1, and the visitor's center of Vandenburg Air Force Base. While in Lompoc, we admired the art works of the mural artists of Lompoc and captured a variety of souvenir photos, album 2, album 3 (Lompoc Mural Society). We concluded our afternoon and had a late lunch at the Texas Cattle Company Restaurant before heading back to our home town of Carpinteria.

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival, 4-19-2015, album

30th Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival, 4-12-2015, album 1, album 2

Hiking at Franklin Trail, Carpinteria, CA, 4-12-2015, album 1

Concord, CA, (1/15/2015), "Glad to know that cousin my Jeffrey Ysmael, his wife and his children safely escaped from their Northern California home; apparently, their home had sustained severe fire damage which started in their garage based on the recent newsfeed and online news posting, and there were no reported fatalities or injuries. Jeffrey's ex-wife, Jaime Tapia Goldman, had started a donation fund (entitled Ysmael Family Fire Fund) for anyone who would like to make a donation to help out my cousin Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the eldest son to Ben Ysmael and the late Genoveve Calip Ysmael, my late father's youngest sibling." News of the fire damage sustained to my cousin Jeffrey's duplex home in Concord was reported in the Contra Costa Times, on 1/15/2015 at which time Jeffrey's son, Matteo Tapia Ysmael, had reported his account of the events of the 1/15/2015 fire.




Seaport Village, San Diego, CA, (1/2/2015 to 1/5/2015): "Starting off the 2015 year with a weekend get-away to San Diego, CA to visit San Diego, CA to attend the car show; lodging at the Manchester Grand Hyatt; attended the 2015 International Auto Show at the San Diego Convention Center; and doing a little shopping at Kobey's Swap Meet."

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (12/31/2014 to 12/1/2015), Carpinteria, CA : "Spending our New Year's Eve celebration for for the upcoming 2015 year with friends visiting from Palmer, Alaska, Thomas Cappiello and Suzanne Hayes at Carpinteria, CA."





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