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Basilio Mariano Coleman and Sheila M. Calip-Coleman

Class of 1988, Fairfield High School, Fairfield, CA

home chef design: "work in progress"

view from AMTRAK train

view of Pacific Ocean, Carpinteria, CA

Old Towne, San Diego, CA

Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Park,

Point Loma, CA

































































































































































































































































































































































































































Coleman and Ysmael-Calip family tress

William Robert Coleman: Class of 1959, Santa Barbara High School Reunion page

Basilio Mariano Coleman: Class of 1981, Carpinteria High School Reunion page

Deogracia Ysmael-Calipbachelors degree graduate from the University of the Far East, Philippines, Class of 1968

Sheila Marie Ysmael Calip-Coleman: Class of 1988, Fairfield High School Reunion page


Ysmael, Calip-Coleman family blog page

in loving memory of Julia Dela Cruz Barcarse, July 21, 1945 - Feb. 20, 2017
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































USS Enterprise: tour in Italy

Pearl Harbor National Memorial, Hawaii






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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