2012 Madonnari Street Painting Festival: madonnari collage 1, collage 2 , Madonnari Street Painting Festival



The sun was out and the sky, clear blue. When we arrived at the festival, we slowly walked around the spacious outdoor, forum, admiring the work of the talented and inspiring street artists, some of whom were continuing to construct their art work as bystanders stood and watched. I was facinated with the work of these artists. I captured several photographs of their art work utilizing my digital camera. The photographs which I've displayed in this website and its sister links is namely a collage montage of portraits, various themes, which I perceived from both a spiritual and humanitarian point of view. Also included in my photographs were a few sites from the Santa Barbara Mission and Church (candles, statues, and portraits) as well as the beautiful rose garden adjacent to the festival and the Mission. The Photoshop effects and Adobe software which I utilized to enhance my photographs are in no way intended to alter the original works of these artists. I attribute my acknowledgments of these works displayed in this website and links to the creators and the originators of these creative chalk designs art work, all of which were originally designed and crafted on site at the Santa Barbara Madonnari Festival, May 26 and 27, 2012.....

The images in my website are not intended for profit or for sale."


madonnari collage 1, collage 2, Madonnari Street Painting Festival,